i hate every beautiful day.

♥ east coast glam ♥
3 April
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marlee. 14. blue eyes. dirty blonde hair.
very smart but lacks common sense. funny.
loves to laugh ; hates to cry. listens
to music almost all the time. unless
family guy is on. outgoing. sometimes a
bore. piss me off & you die. can be catty
and a huge bitch so dont fuck with me

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a static lullaby, aerosmith, apoptygma
bezerk, atreyu, beck, beloved, brand new,
breaking benjamin, bright eyes, ciara,
citizen cope, coheed and cambria,
collective soul,copeland, cruiserweight,
dbc, death cab for cutie, dirty sanchez,
dj sammy, dresden dolls, eisley, eminem,
evanescence, faith hill, fall out
boy, fear before the march of flames,
freezepop, from first to last, frou frou,
funeral for a friend, gratitude, green
day, guster, gwen stefani, hawthorne
heights, head automatica, hellogoodbye,
hopesfall, howie day, icp, jennifer lopez,
jesse mccartney, jimmy eat world, keane,
ladytron, le tigre, ludacris, mae, matt
pond pa, metallica, mindless self
indulgence, muse, my chemical
romance, natalie, nelly, oasis, outrageous
cherry, over it, papa roach, relient k,
rooney, sarina paris, seal, senses fail,
shinedown, snow patrol, something
corporate, spice girls, straylight run,
sugarcult, switchfoot, taking back sunday,
the birthday massacre, the blood brothers,
the dresden dolls, the early november,
the exies, the faint, the killers,
the offspring, the starting line, the used,
three days grace, trick daddy, usher,
vaughan penn, with broken wings, yellowcard,
the ying yang twins.

311, abercrombie, ace enders, adam brody, adobe, aim, all-american rejects, amy lee, anti-suicide, ashlee simpson, beach, beads, bedhead, benjamin mckenzie, black nail polish, blink 182, blonde hair, blue eyes, brand new, breaking benjamin, bright eyes, chad michael murray, cheese fries, chuck taylors, chucks, clothes, coheed and cambria, converses, cursors, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, early november, emo, emo preps, evan rachel wood, evanescence, eyeliner, fall out boy, family guy, fashion, first kisses, flirting, forever 21, freezepop, frou frou, gadzooks, gavin degraw, good charlotte, green day, gwb, hard rock, hardcore preps, hawthorne heights, hilary duff, hollister, internet, jesse mccartney, jt woodruff, kandee, laguna beach, laughing, le tigre, lil john, lip gloss, lj icons, ludacris, making icons, marko 72, maroon 5, mature people, metallica, mischa barton, my chemical romance, nail polish, napolean dynamite, nicole richie, nikki reed, ocean, olivia wilde, pac sun, palm trees, papa roach, paris hilton, pink, pink martinis, plastic, point pleasant, polka dots, popsicles, preps, pretzels, puma, punks, purses, quizzes, rachel bilson, rachel mccadams, rainbow sherbert, rainbows, rap, reality tv, republicans, rock, rocker boys, romance, rue 21, ryan cabrera, ryan gosling, sand, seether, senses fail, sergio anello, shannon lucio, shopping, sierra mist, simple plan, slushies, snow, snow patrol, soft rock, something corporate, sorbet, sprinkles, sugarcult, summer, sunrises, sunsets, synthpop, taking back sunday, the birthday massacre, the early november, the notebook, the oc, the simple life, the used, thirteen, tim pagnotta, tyler hilton, unwritten law, urban outfitters, usher, vanilla ice cream, water, waves, wet seal, yearbooks, yellowcard, you, ,